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Understanding Spokane Home Prices and Trends

Nick Briggs, Realtor

Exploring the Current Home Values in Spokane WA

Spokane, Washington’s real estate is growing steadily. Current home values show diverse options for buyers and investors. Spokane’s median home value is $300,000. Therefore, it’s a prime spot for property buyers. Let’s explore Spokane home prices and trends.

Different neighborhoods in Spokane affect home values. So, each has its unique charm and price range. For instance, South Hill boasts upscale homes and scenic streets. This pushes its property values above other areas

Home values in Spokane rose by 8% over the past year. This shows a robust appreciation in the market. Investing in Spokane’s real estate seems promising.

The median sale to list ratio is another key metric. It reveals how close sale prices are to listing prices. In Spokane, it’s at 98%. This means properties sell near their listed prices.

Exploring Spokane’s housing further, opportunities emerge for all. Sellers benefit from high demand and low inventory. Yet, buyers have affordable choices compared to bigger cities.

Market Analysis of Spokane Neighborhoods

Spokane, Washington is a vibrant city. Its diverse neighborhoods offer varied housing options. To understand Spokane’s real estate market, key indicators are essential. These include the median sale to list ratio, percentage of sales over and under list price, and median days to pending across neighborhoods.

Analyzing the Median Sale to List Ratio in Spokane

The median sale to list ratio reveals Spokane’s housing market competitiveness. It compares a home’s final sale price to its listing price. A high ratio means homes sell near or above their list prices. A low one indicates sales below list prices.

In Spokane, this ratio has risen over the past year. It shows strong home demand and buyers paying more. Current data places Spokane’s ratio at 98%. Homes sell at about 98% of their list prices.

Yet, this ratio varies across Spokane’s neighborhoods. Some areas have high ratios due to limited homes and strong demand. Others might be lower due to slow markets or less buyer interest. Thus, buyers and investors should study this ratio by neighborhood before buying.

The Percentage of Sales Over and Under List Price

When studying Spokane’s real estate, consider the percentage of sales over and under list price. This metric shows if homes sell above or below their list prices.

Right now, 45% of Spokane’s home sales close above list prices. This suggests strong buyer competition and bidding wars. Conversely, 20% close below list prices. This hints at negotiation opportunities or below-market value properties.

However, these percentages differ by neighborhood. Some areas see more sales above list price due to high demand and few homes. Others see more sales below list price because of slow markets or less interest. Buyers and investors should study this metric by neighborhood before deciding.

The Median Days to Pending in Spokane Neighborhoods

The median days to pending shows how fast homes sell in Spokane’s neighborhoods. It counts the days from listing to pending status. It reveals buyer interest and market activity.

In Spokane, it’s about 10 days. Homes sell fast due to strong housing demand. Yet, this varies by neighborhood. Some areas have shorter days due to high demand and few homes. Others take longer because of slow markets or less interest.

Knowing this metric helps buyers and investors. It shows competition in neighborhoods. It also guides pricing and negotiation strategies.

2023 Housing Market Forecast and Predictions

Spokane, Washington’s housing market is set for an intriguing year. Experts are tracking trends for 2023 predictions. They consider the economy, population growth, mortgage rates, and inventory. These indicators hint at Spokane’s future home prices and trends.

Predicting the 2023 Housing Market in Spokane

Forecasting the housing market is complex. Yet, experts have a positive view of Spokane’s 2023 real estate. The city has seen steady growth. A robust economy and good living standards draw people. More residents mean higher housing demand and prices.® 2023 Forecast for Key Housing Indicators® is a top online real estate platform. It offers insights for Spokane’s 2023 housing indicators. They consider home values, sales, mortgage rates, and inventory. Their forecast predicts slower price growth for Spokane. It suggests a market stabilization after fast-paced growth.

The Impact of Mortgage Rates on Home Prices

Mortgage rates affect Spokane home prices and trends. Low rates boost buying, raising prices. High rates reduce affordability, slowing price growth. In 2023, rates might rise from historic lows. The Federal Reserve hints at rate hikes. This could raise home buying costs. Yet, experts see a moderate impact on Spokane’s market.

Examining Existing Home Median Price Appreciation

To predict Spokane home prices and trends, look at home median price appreciation. This metric shows how fast values rise. Experts use past data for future predictions.

Spokane’s prices rose recently due to demand and low inventory. But with more homes, growth may stabilize. Experts see modest 2023 price hikes, aligning with income growth.

The State of Existing Home Sales in Spokane

Existing home sales show a market’s health. Sales data reveals demand and activity. In Spokane, sales have been strong, driven by locals and outsiders. This affects Spokane home prices and trends.

For 2023, experts expect steady sales or slight growth. They consider population, jobs, and affordability. Yet, economic shifts or mortgage rate changes could alter predictions.

The Availability of Existing Home For-Sale Inventory

Home availability impacts the housing market. Low inventory boosts prices and favors sellers. High inventory empowers buyers. In Spokane, low inventory has raised prices. Yet, 2023 might see more homes available. This could balance the market.

The Importance of Single-Family Home Housing Starts

Housing starts measure new construction beginnings. Single-family starts show new market supply. In Spokane, these starts are stable but don’t meet demand.

New construction should match demand for a balanced market. Challenges include material costs and labor shortages. Yet, more single-family starts could stabilize the market.

The Homeownership Rate in Spokane

The homeownership rate shows market stability and economic health. High rates mean strong communities and real estate confidence. Spokane’s rate often beats the national average.

For 2023, experts expect Spokane’s rate to stay stable or grow slightly. Furthermore, they consider affordability, population, and homeownership culture. Yet, economic shifts or lifestyle changes could alter this trend.

Rent Growth in Spokane: A Key Indicator

Rent growth matters to tenants and investors. Higher rents hint at rental demand and investment chances. Spokane’s rents have risen, driven by locals and newcomers.

For 2023, experts see Spokane’s rent growth slowing down. They consider population, income, and the economy. Yet, rental rules or economic shifts could change predictions.


Understanding Spokane’s home prices and trends is vital for buyers, investors, and residents. Current values reveal the market’s state. The 1-year change shows home value shifts.

Analyzing Spokane’s market highlights neighborhood differences. This helps in investment decisions and informs locals about their area’s market.

For 2023, Spokane’s outlook is growth and stability.® predicts a healthy market with stable rates and sales. This boosts confidence for potential market entrants.

Spokane’s real estate is promising for both buyers and sellers. Furthermore, the sale to list ratio shows a competitive market. Homes often sell at or above list prices. With quick sales, Spokane’s home demand is evident.

In short, housing indicators like home values and rent growth offer a full Spokane market view. Knowing these trends aids decision-making. Undoubtedly, Spokane home prices and trends promise stability and growth, making it a top real estate choice.

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