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Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nick Briggs, Realtor

Buying a home is a major financial step. At first, it’s exciting. However, there are some home buying mistakes. To help, here are the top 10 mistakes often made by home buyers. Plus, tips to avoid them.

1) Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Initially, many buyers dive into house hunting without first determining how much they can realistically afford. As a result, this oversight can lead to wasted time. Furthermore, it can cause disappointment and, in some cases, even financial strain.

  • Solution: Before you start looking, meet with a lender to get pre-approved. This will give you a clear picture of your budget and show sellers you’re serious.

2) Skipping the Home Inspection

At first glance, forgoing a home inspection may appear as a cost-saving measure. However, in doing so, one might inadvertently open the door to unforeseen issues that can surface down the road.

  • Solution: Always get a home inspection. It can reveal potential problems that could cost you thousands in the future.

3) Not Considering Additional Costs

While initially, one might be tempted to focus solely on the purchase price, this approach can unfortunately leave you blindsided by other essential expenses. Consequently, buyers must take into account all associated costs, such as the down payment, closing costs, taxes, and so forth.

  • Solution: Budget for all potential costs, including property taxes, utilities, and homeowner’s insurance.

4) Being Too Emotional

Often, falling in love with a house can unexpectedly blind you to its flaws. Additionally, this emotional attachment might even lead to overbidding.

  • Solution: Stay objective. Remember, this is a significant financial decision, and you need to ensure it’s a sound one.

5) Overlooking Resale Value

While it might not be an immediate concern, failing to consider future resale can, over time, trap you in a home that’s notably hard to sell.

  • Solution: Think long-term. Even if you plan to stay forever, life can be unpredictable. Choose a home with good resale potential.

6) Not Negotiating

Initially, it might seem easier to simply accept the seller’s asking price. However, doing so can often result in paying more than what might be necessary.

  • Solution: Always try to negotiate. It’s expected in the home buying process, and you could save thousands.

7) Ignoring the Future

Buying a home without weighing future needs might seem sufficient. Yet, as time progresses, this oversight can lead to outgrowing your space or confronting unforeseen challenges.

  • Solution: Consider future life events, such as expanding your family or needing a home office, and ensure the home can accommodate those changes.

8) Not Using a Real Estate Agent

While it may seem feasible at first, navigating the home buying process on your own can quickly become both overwhelming and fraught with risks

  • Solution: Hire a reliable real estate agent. They can provide valuable insights, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the process.

9) Making Lowball Offers

Offering a price that’s too low might seem like a strategic move. However, in reality, it can inadvertently offend sellers and consequently take you out of the running.

  • Solution: Make a fair offer based on market research and the home’s value. It’s okay to negotiate, but be respectful and realistic.

10) Failing to Understand the Contract

Initially, many home buyers might overlook the importance of thoroughly reading the purchase agreement. Yet, this oversight can, down the line, lead to unexpected surprises or even disputes.

  • Solution: Always thoroughly review the contract with your real estate agent or a lawyer. Make sure you understand all terms, conditions, and contingencies before signing. If something is unclear, ask for clarification. It’s essential to know what you’re committing to and any obligations or rights you have under the agreement.


By first recognizing and subsequently being aware of these common home buying mistakes, and then taking proactive steps to sidestep them, you can pave the way for a smoother, ultimately more successful home buying experience, with fewer home buying mistakes.

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