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How to Choose the Perfect Neighborhoods in Spokane

Nick Briggs, Realtor

I. Introduction

Spokane, a city of picturesque landscapes and diverse neighborhoods, offers residents a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. Our professional insights on Spokane’s neighborhoods and factors to consider will help you make an informed decision.

II. Understanding the Spokane Housing Market

The Spokane housing market has seen significant growth in recent years, with home values and sales increasing rapidly. This trend, coupled with a low inventory of available properties, has created a competitive market for buyers. When considering a neighborhood in Spokane, it’s essential to understand how the housing market impacts your options. For instance, areas with high demand may see steeper home prices and limited inventory, making it more challenging to find the perfect property. On the other hand, neighborhoods with less competition could offer better value and more housing choices. By staying informed about the Spokane housing market and its trends, you can make smarter decisions when choosing the right neighborhood to call home.

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood

Your lifestyle and personal preferences play a significant role in determining the ideal neighborhood for you. For instance, families might prioritize areas with excellent, parks, proximity to work, and a strong sense of community. Affordability and home values should be considered as well. Property taxes, cost of living, and the potential for property value appreciation can impact your decision. By examining these factors, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle needs when selecting the perfect Spokane neighborhood.

IV. Neighborhoods in Spokane (A-Z)

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  1. Audubon/Downriver: Located near the Spokane River, this neighborhood is known for its proximity to the beautiful Downriver Golf Course, offering residents a serene escape in the heart of the city.
  2. Balboa: Situated in northwest Spokane, Balboa boasts a close-knit community feel and is adjacent to the scenic Finch Arboretum, a haven for nature lovers.
  3. Bemiss: In the northeast, Bemiss is close to parks like Harmon-Shipley Park, providing residents with easy access to outdoor recreational activities.
  4. Brownes Addition: This neighborhood is within walking distance of downtown Spokane, making it a cultural hub known for its historic architecture and art galleries.
  5. Cliff/Cannon: Located near downtown, Cliff/Cannon offers a vibrant urban lifestyle with proximity to restaurants, shops, and historic sites like Cannon Hill Park.
  6. Comstock: Nestled in the South Hill area, Comstock is close to Comstock Park, renowned for its stunning botanical gardens and peaceful ambiance.
  7. Country Homes: Situated to the north, Country Homes is a tranquil suburban neighborhood with access to amenities like NorthTown Mall for shopping and entertainment.
  8. East Central: Close to downtown, East Central is a diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community and home to the historic Liberty Park.
  9. Emerson Garfield: Located in the northwest, this neighborhood is close to the lively Garland District, known for its eclectic shops and restaurants.
  10. Fairwood: In northeast Spokane, Fairwood offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle with convenient access to services like the Fairwood Shopping Center.
  11. Five Mile Prairie: In the north, Five Mile Prairie enjoys a suburban setting with proximity to outdoor spaces like Indian Trail Park and the Prairie View Park.
  12. Hillyard: Located in the northeast, Hillyard boasts a rich history and is home to historic landmarks like the Hillyard Heritage Museum.
  13. Lincoln Heights: In the south, Lincoln Heights is known for its proximity to local schools and the bustling shopping area along 29th Avenue.
  14. Logan: Close to Gonzaga University, Logan is a mix of residential and student housing, offering a dynamic atmosphere.
  15. Latah Valley: In the southwest, Latah Valley is known for its natural beauty and proximity to scenic areas like Latah Creek and the Palisades Park.
  16. Manito: South of downtown, Manito is famous for its proximity to Manito Park and its Japanese Garden, a serene oasis within the city.
  17. Mead: Located to the north, Mead is a suburban area with proximity to the scenic Little Spokane River and the charming Green Bluff agricultural community.
  18. Moran Prairie: In the south, Moran Prairie offers a suburban lifestyle with access to open spaces like Moran Prairie Grange Park.
  19. Nevada/Lidgerwood: In the northeast, this neighborhood is near the Indian Trail neighborhood, offering convenient access to amenities and outdoor activities.
  20. North Indian Trail: Adjacent to the Five Mile Prairie, North Indian Trail offers a suburban lifestyle with proximity to nature trails and parks.
  21. Northtown: Located in the north, Northtown is known for its proximity to the NorthTown Mall, a major shopping and entertainment destination.
  22. Northwest Spokane: In the northwest, this neighborhood offers a mix of suburban living and commercial areas, including the bustling Shadle Park Shopping Center.
  23. Orchard Prairie: Northeast of Spokane, Orchard Prairie is known for its agricultural heritage and the serene views.
  24. Rockwood: Located near the South Hill, Rockwood is a peaceful neighborhood known for its proximity to the scenic High Drive Bluff Park.
  25. Town & Country: Situated in the north, Town & Country offers a suburban lifestyle with convenient access to shopping centers like the Franklin Park Mall.
  26. West Central: Close to downtown, West Central is a diverse and growing neighborhood, home to the revitalized Kendall Yards development.
  27. West Spokane: In the west, this neighborhood offers suburban living with proximity to Riverside State Park, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  28. Whitman: Located in the southeast, Whitman is a mix of residential and commercial areas, offering a variety of conveniences for residents.

V. Tips for Researching and Visiting Potential Neighborhoods

Leveraging online resources, such as local forums, social media groups, and real estate websites, can provide valuable insights into potential neighborhoods. Visiting neighborhoods at different times of day allows you to experience the community’s atmosphere and activity levels throughout the day, which can influence your decision. Additionally, speaking with local residents and attending community events can provide a genuine sense of the neighborhood. By using these research methods, you can confidently select the ideal Spokane neighborhood for your unique lifestyle.

VI. Your Perfect Spokane Neighborhood Awaits

By understanding the local housing market, considering factors such as lifestyle preferences and affordability, and researching  neighborhoods, you can make an informed decision. Use our guide and tips to discover the Spokane neighborhoods. Remember, Nick Briggs is always here to assist and guide you in navigating the Spokane housing market. Don’t hesitate to reach out for further support and expertise on neighborhoods in Spokane or anything real estate related.

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