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Fed Rate Hike: Understanding Spokane Real Estate Market And Rising Interest Rates

Nick Briggs, Realtor

As the Spokane real estate market continues to evolve, it is crucial for buyers and sellers to stay informed on the potential impact of the fed rate hike on interest rates. With the housing market experiencing fluctuations in supply and demand, understanding these changes can help navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with buying or selling a home in Spokane.

The Current State of Spokane’s Real Estate Market

Spokane’s real estate market has experienced notable shifts in recent years, particularly in terms of home prices and sales volume. The median home sold price currently stands at $374,950, while the home sale volume has decreased by 35.4% year-over-year.

A significant factor influencing the market is the housing supply shortage, which has led to fierce bidding wars and rapidly increasing home prices. Consequently, properties are being sold at a faster pace, with the median days on the market now down to just 13. This limited housing supply has created a highly competitive environment for both buyers and sellers.

Looking ahead to 2023, market forecasts predict that the median home price in Spokane will continue to rise. However, the increasing mortgage interest rates could potentially prevent extreme price increases, helping to maintain a balanced market. It is essential for buyers and sellers to stay informed about these market trends and adapt their strategies accordingly.

The Impact of Fed Rate Hikes on Mortgage Interest Rates

Fed rate hikes are adjustments made by the Federal Reserve to increase the interest rates charged on loans between banks. These hikes can directly influence mortgage interest rates, potentially increasing the cost of borrowing for homebuyers.

Over recent years, fed rate hikes have led to fluctuations in the housing market, affecting both home prices and sales. As interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for potential buyers to secure a mortgage, which can result in a cooling effect on the real estate market.

For Spokane’s real estate market, rising mortgage interest rates could have several impacts. Firstly, increased borrowing costs may deter some homebuyers, leading to a potential decrease in demand. Secondly, higher interest rates could contribute to a slowing down of price growth and increased market stabilization. As a result, it is crucial for those involved in the Spokane real estate market to be aware of these potential changes and adjust their strategies accordingly.

What Spokane Home Buyers Need to Know

Rising interest rates can directly impact home affordability, making it essential for homebuyers in Spokane to understand the implications and adjust their strategies accordingly. Here are some insights and tips to help home buyers navigate the market with higher interest rates. The following is not financial advice, they are just options after a fed rate hike.

Firstly, consider exploring adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) as an alternative to fixed-rate mortgages. ARMs typically offer lower initial interest rates that may adjust over time, potentially providing a more affordable option for some buyers.

Secondly, locking in interest rates early can provide financial security and protect against future rate increases. By securing a rate lock with your lender, you can guarantee a specific interest rate for a set period, usually up to 60 days.

Thirdly, investigate down payment assistance programs that may be available to help offset the increased costs associated with higher interest rates. These programs can provide financial support to qualifying home buyers, making it easier to secure a mortgage and enter the market.

Lastly, when searching for the perfect home, prioritize your needs and wants while being prepared to act quickly in a competitive market. By staying informed and working closely with an experienced real estate professional, you can increase your chances of finding the right home at the right price, even amid rising interest rates.

What Spokane Home Sellers Need to Know

Home sellers in Spokane should be aware of the potential impact rising interest rates can have on their sales. The increase in borrowing costs may lead to a decrease in buyer demand, making competitive pricing more important than ever. To navigate the market with higher interest rates, consider the following strategies and tips after a fed rate hike.

Firstly, offering incentives to buyers, such as paying closing costs, can make your property more appealing and help secure a sale. This may be particularly beneficial if buyer demand decreases due to rising interest rates.

Secondly, consider alternative financing options like seller financing. This can provide a unique selling point for your home and attract buyers who might be struggling to secure a mortgage with higher interest rates.

Lastly, to maximize your selling price amid rising interest rates, focus on staging your home to appeal to a broad range of buyers. This includes decluttering, cleaning, and making necessary repairs. Additionally, working with an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate the market and secure the best possible price for your home after a fed rate hike.

Adapt and Thrive in Spokane’s Market

As we’ve explored, fed rate hikes can significantly impact the Spokane real estate market, affecting home affordability, pricing strategies, and overall market dynamics. Staying informed about these changes and working with a knowledgeable real estate professional, like Nick Briggs, can help both buyers and sellers navigate the market effectively. By adapting your strategies to the changing market conditions and the fed rate hike, you can achieve your real estate goals and thrive in Spokane’s evolving landscape.

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